Thursday, June 6, 2013

Liam's 2 Year Check Up/ENT visit

 We were a little late with it, but we had Liam's 2 year check up last week. This kid LOVES going to the doctor. (and for once, there is no sarcasm behind that statement, he really does love it!)  He gets so excited when I tell him we're going there, he's super cooperative, and the rest of the day he walks around showing everyone the sticker he gets at the end of each visit saying, "Liam-so bwave!" :)  (it helped that there were no shots this time around, too!) 

Here are the stats:

Weight: 29 lbs, 6 oz (66th percentile)
Height: 35 inches (64th percentile)
Head circumference: 50 cm (81st percentile!)

To compare, here are Jake's stats from his 2 year visit:

Weight: 27 lbs (30th percentile)
Height: 33 inches (20th percentile)

So, definitely a bit of a difference between them!!  When I was looking back at my previous posts to find Jake's stats, they were listed in his 2 year check up post, which had a pretty funny story I had completely forgotten about, I'll C&P it here:

 Last night, we had Jake's 2 year check up...for some reason, our kid is absolutely terrified of the scale and threw a fit when the nurse tried to put him on it. That was strike one against her. Strike 2 was when she came in the room to give him a shot (the 2nd half of his H1N1 vaccine); he didn't cry or even flinch, but he must have been annoyed by it because after she was done, he stood up, looked right at her, pointed to the door and said "Go."

Other than that, everything went well and everything looked good and right on track. The weight was a big guesstimate, as he was fully clothed with his coat on and had to get an unscientific measurement of Brian getting on the scale with him, then weighing just Brian and figuring out the difference.

ahhh....toddler times, fun fun!!  Jake at age 2:

Liam at age 2:

Definitely a strong resemblance.  The rest of the 2 year check up went well; he's obviously thriving in the weight and height department, so the dr. said we could cut back to skim milk if we wanted to do so.  He was still on whole milk; Jake & I drink organic skim, and Brian is forced to drink regular skim (because he drinks so much milk every week he has to drink the regular stuff instead of the organic...that stuff is pricy!)  So, at any given time, there were at least 3 different containers of milk in my fridge....I will happily start giving Liam skim, allowing me to cut back to just 2 different types.

He also had an ENT appointment last week (fun medical week for the kid); it was his 1 year follow up appointment, and came at a good time because he had an infection about a month ago that was terrible (we ended up having to use both drops and oral antibiotics to finally get rid of it after over a week had passed).  When we went to get that infection checked out by our pediatrician, she couldn't find the tube in his right ear, but wasn't 100% sure if it really wasn't there, or if she infection was so bad that it was causing her to not be able to see it.  Turns out, it was the former, the tube is totally gone from the right ear (left ear looks good)   So, after talking about it for awhile, the ENT decided to take a wait and see approach, and not immediately replace that tube.  She's hopeful that going into summer, he will be less likely to get infections, and we can at least make it to fall before having to do anything. Assuming he gets no other infections, we will go back in November for another follow up.

While I'm relieved of course that he doesn't have to undergo anesthesia or anything, part of me was kind of all UGH.  Because I feel like we are right back to the point of being paranoid with every runny nose and was nice with the tubes because the guess work was gone.  If his ear drained, it was an infection, no doubts about it (he had 3 infections even with the tubes, but we knew immediately each time due to the drainage).  But without that indicator, it's hard to tell. So, we're remaining hopeful that we can get through summer with no illnesses and maybe he'll even outgrow this problem by the time the next cold  and flu season rolls around.

So there you have it, our medical updates for the time being!!  Hopefully we will not be back to the doctor for another 6 months. 

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