Monday, June 11, 2012

Tball season comes to an end

 It was amazing to see this team go from looking like wild animals running around the field with no direction or organization, to actually looking like they were playing a game of baseball, in just 8 short weeks.  The season came to an end on Saturday, and Jake's take on the sport was, "I had so much fun playing tball with my team.  I'm going to miss it.  I loved eating snacks at the end of the game, too".  It was unclear which activity (playing or eating) he would miss the most. 

He got to play 1st base!

Jake and Maddie, one of his friends from school :)

A video of Jake's final hit for the season:

Liam showed up to the game dressed appropriately:

After the game, they had a nice little trophy presentation, and even Brian received a plaque for being a coach (in sad news, the plaque featured a team photo...Brian is absent from the photo because that was the day he was sick with the stomach flu and didn't make it to the game.  I told him I'd cut out a picture of him and glue it on there)

I'm not sure if he was more excited for the popsicle, or the trophy...

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