Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Jakeness

 *2 weekends ago, he had his very first solo sleepover at GG and Pappy's house, and it was a success!  He was very excited about it, wanted to pack his own bag, and had a lot of grand plans in his head.  They ended up playing outside a ton, having a water gun fight, getting special treats at McDonald's, AND going for ice cream the next day after lunch!  I was proud of him that he did it, with no tears about Brian and I not being there.  Actually, when he went to leave that day, the person he asked about and seemed concerned that he wasn't coming, was Liam!  And the next morning, he told GG that he really missed Liam...awww! :)  Here he is, packed and ready to go!

*He's been very into puzzles lately, and he's fast.  I think I might need to invest in a few more that are more challenging for him, we have all 25 piece sets at our house. He also surprised me the other day when out of nowhere, he said "Mommy...if you have 4 apples over here (gestured to his left) and 4 apples over here (gestured to his right) how many do you have?"  I said, "hmm....that's a good question, do you know how many?"  He took a minute to think and said, 8.  He did this with all of the numbers up through 5!  Gotta love a good preschool program :)

*We've been going to our local library more frequently, and he loves to be able to pick out his own books.  He brings his own tote bag and loads it up!  They have a summer Reading Club that you can join, and you basically track the number of books your child has read online through your library card, and every time you come in to the library, you get a token to get a small prize.  They will also have different events throughout the summer, so we hope to make it to some of those (although unfortunately, most take place during the day in the middle of the week, so I'm not sure how much we'll be able to participate)  But Jake was so excited to be "in the club"!  His only knowledge of a club is that he knows I'm in a book club; so when I asked him if he wanted to join the reading club at the library, his immediate response was, "Yes!  Will they have food there?"  :)  I guess he knows what the main focus of my book club is!  When we were there last week, he marched right up to the librarian's desk, tote bag on his shoulder, and proudly said, "Excuse me!  My name is Jake, and I'm in the reading club!" and plopped his books up on the table. 

*Recently, he told me he was going to have a new baby brother, and his name was seahorse.  jake was going to be the daddy and take care of seahorse all by himself.  I heard him saying things like, "Oh seahorse, don't cry...are you tired?  I'll give you a nap.  Want a song?  Ok, twinkle, twinkle...."  This is the same kid who usually has so much energy that he runs circles around me, so to watch him play "baby" for a good 30 minutes was so different, and really nice to see.

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