Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just one of those days

Here is the timeline of the series of unfortunate events that made up my day yesterday:

7am: Liam wakes up, I pick him up out of his pack & play, he spits up all over himself and me. We both get new outfits.

7:30am: Liam finishes nursing, I go to burp him, he fountains spit up out of his nose and mouth. Outfit #2 for both of us. Clean up spots on recliner. Brian pours my coffee, I ask him to put it on the counter, I'll drink it once I'm cleaned up.

7:45am: Changing him on his changing table, he turns his head & spits up. Fortunately, he doesn't have any clothes on, so I don't have to bother with that. Pick him up, Brian changes the changing pad cover, resume diaper & outfit change. Change successful, carry him into my room to put him down in the pack & play so that I can wash my face; spits up all over the floor in our bedroom. Brian mops up the floor, I feel a splitting headache coming on.

8:00am: put my coffee in the microwave, but forget about it

8:15am: holding Liam on my lap while reading books to Jake; his first diaper blow out occurs at this time. It's on my arm, pants, up his back. Outfit #3 for both of us.

8:30am: everyone is in new clothes, realize I still haven't had any coffee. Must fix this problem, head back downstairs. On the way back down, Liam spits up. AGAIN. My outfit was spared, his did not have the same luck. stomp back up the stairs & change him. Outfit #4 of the day for him. He has been up for an hour and a half. Wonder if I will ever get to drink my coffee again....

8:45am: put Liam in bouncy and pray that he is content in there so that I can drink my coffee, heat it up again. No luck, he looks like he's being tortured in that seat. Pull him out of it, bounce him around the house for a few minutes until he gets the drunk baby look on his face, while rubbing my throbbing head.

9:00am: attempt seat again-success this time! ahhh....coffee, FINALLY!!

9:15am: dig around medicine cabinet for tylenol

9:30am: he wakes up & wants to eat again. Say a prayer that the vicious cycle of this morning doesn't repeat itself...

Fortunately, the day got better after that. But that first 2.5 hours?? Exhausting!! we had a play date at 10am, the adult interaction was much needed after that morning. After Jake's nap, we headed to the library so that he could pick out some books for the week. I needed to get out of the house for a bit!! Later that evening, Brian gave Liam a bath and Liam proceeded to pee all over him. Twice. Heehee...at least it wasn't me that time! :)


Team Clancy said...

At least we can all take comfort in knowing that the first few weeks of a babies life are the same for everyone! Ours was more projectile poop every time we changes Owen's diaper! Who knew that stuff could squirt like that!

Life with Pog & FLeC said...

Those kinds of mornings are sooooo tough! I'm glad your day got better.

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