Monday, July 19, 2010

Solo Shopping

On Sunday, Brian & I were able to head out and do some shopping BY OURSELVES. And Jake, mommy loves you dearly, but shopping without you was pure bliss. Bliss, I tell you! We took our time. We browsed. We took notes. We got an unbelievable amount of shopping done in a few short hours.

Mainly, we were on a quest for new bedroom furniture. It's really the only new furniture we need immediately for the new house and we've decided to splurge on a king-size bed. We headed out to Robinson Town Center with a goal of finding a new bed, but what's a trip to Robinson without a stop at IKEA? And TJ Maxx? And Marshalls? And Target? It was like these places just kept popping up in front of us, begging us to come in and shop!

Anyway-we did manage to find a set that we both loved at Levin. This is a horrible picture from their website (why would you only show half of a bed and none of the other dresser that comes with the set?) but it will have to do for now (we're getting a regular bed, without that storage underneath):

Close this window

Does anyone else feel like IKEA pumps something through the air conditioning system to make you slip into some type of trance with a compulsive need to look at every.single.item on display?? We could have wandered around that place all day, had we not had other stops to make.

We did make a few small purchases at IKEA, I found a few cute & cheap picture frames and this little tabletop mirror:

MYKEN Table mirror dark brown Width: 9 7/8 " Height: 14 5/8 "  Width: 25 cm Height: 37 cm

We also came across this bedding set that I liked for whenever we decide to put Jake in a big boy room & re-do his decor (the walls in his new room are bright yellow, so I thought this would look cute in there). We didn't buy it, but we'll definitely keep it in mind because I really like it:
BARNSLIG ULVEN Duvet cover and  pillowcase(s) green/white Duvet cover length: 86
We picked up a bedding set for our new bed at TJ Maxx; against my better judgment, we went with an all white set with a little bit of sage green detail on the edges. The walls in that room are yellow, so I thought white would really pop against the color and give me some creative freedom to get fun throw pillows. We'll see if I regret the decision once I have doggy and kid paws on it.....

After all of that, we went home & collapsed :) Special thanks for Nana & PopPop for hanging out with Jake so that we could have a productive afternoon!


Beth, Dave and Cori said...

beautiful furniture! And I love all white for bed dressings - good luck keeping it clean! You are braver than me! :)

Team Clancy said...

I LOVE that furniture!

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