Monday, June 23, 2008

Jake's Baptism

Sunday was a very exciting day for our family...Jake was baptized in Heinz Chapel, which is also where Brian & I were married (a year & 9 months ago, almost to the day!) with the same pastor performing the ceremony (we really hope to continue this tradition for all of our children)

Jake was such a good boy, I was a proud mama standing up there watching my baby boy be welcomed into the world. He didn't cry at all and when the pastor poured the water over his head, he actually reached up & touched her face, which melted my heart.

No tears and he didn't poop up his back onto his spiffy white outfit, so I considered it a successful day! Jake has always been fascinated by lights & ceilings and Heinz Chapel takes those two wonders to a whole new level...we've decided that sometime soon we're just going to have to go to Heinz to hang out for a bit & let him look all around & take in the new lights & windows.

Melissa and Dennis were the Godparents and they did a fabulous job, of course :) We got the grandparents involved as well, by vowing to protect and spoil Jake to the best of their ability. Candles were lit by Brian and I, Melissa and Dennis and both sets of Grandparents to symbolize the promises that were being made to him. (no one caught themselves or the pastor's robe on fire, so another success to the event)

After the baptism, everyone was close to death from starvation. We held a reception at our house & the weather cooperated to be outside all afternoon, hang out & chow down! Jake received so many generous gifts, we have the best friends & family!

Jake has his daddy's keen sense of investment already, here he is showing off a savings bond:

Nana & PopPop refinished Brian's old Radio Flyer wagon for Jake...he's not quite ready to use it by himself yet, but it looks great!

And of course, Gracie was longing to open some gifts of her own (don't worry, GG brought her a bag of treats!)


McGee Family said...

What a beautiful day! Jake looks like such a big boy already. WOW. Every picture you share has him looking more and more mature by miles. It is amazing. Congratulations!

Michelle said...

OMG, how cute is the picture of Jake touching her face while he's getting baptized! Also, how much do I love that Brian's wagon was refinished for him? A lot! Maybe since I'm getting older, I totally love everything that was once ours for our kids.

Mommy Relcuk said...

Sorry that we missed this special day. We wuz busy birthin' babies!

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