Sunday, June 29, 2008

A big week!

It was a big week here in our house...Jake sat up, skipped school, had rice cereal, got a mohawk, and Gracie had a playdate. Let's start at the beginning of the week...

On Tuesday night, we were playing with Jake on the floor before bedtime and noticed that he was holding himself up pretty well, so we decided to prop him up & see what happened...much to our pleasant surprise, he stayed up by himself! (for a few seconds) We propped him back up and held him there for a minute until he figured out to put his hands on the floor in front of him (his little kickstand, if you will)

Here, he seems to be saying, "Hello ladies!":

Gracie says, "what's the big deal? I've been sitting for years!"

And here he is, showing everyone that mommy isn't starving him and he's got the Buddha Belly to prove it!

Thursday night, G.G. and Pappy came up to visit, so Jake got to skip school on Friday and hang with the grandparents. A good time was had by all! That night, Jake had his first taste of rice cereal (but that's a whole other post!!)

Sunday afternoon, our friend Olivia came up with her doggy, Mabel to hang out & let the doggies run wild. The girls had a great time & wore each other they are trying to recover from their play session:

After Livvy left, we gave Jake a bath and mommy got a shower afterward, while daddy took Jake to get him lotioned up & put into PJ's. While left unsupervised, daddy decided it would be a good idea to give Jake a mohawk. (which worked pretty well, see previous post re: baby combover) Daddy later decided that he needed a matching mohawk and that there needed to be pictures to document this new trend.

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