Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Comb Over?

When looking at the picture that I put in the Father's Day post, I had to admire Jake's swirl on top of his head. No matter what we do to the hair (comb it down, wash it & try to pull all the hair toward the front, attempt to create a mohawk, etc....) it always goes back to the swirl. Behold the swirl in all its' glory:

Also-please note that the swirl is darker than the rest of the hair, making it stand out even more!
Perhaps his goal is to style his hair like this someday?

While I don't have a clear picture of it, he also has a swirl on the back of his head:
Making me think that perhaps he's modeling himself after this guy:
And not wanting to be left out of the comb over trend, I caught Gracie browsing the web for a puppy comb over the other day...I think she's decided on this style:


Amanda said...

Emmy, you are hilarious.

McGee Family said...

Jake is adorable, and you make me laugh!!

Lisa said...

I love the combover comparisons :)

I'll have to get you a photo of my priest...we call him father combover his hair is THAT bad.

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