Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hi there, August (we're back!)

I didn't get to officially welcome August on time, because we were busy doing this:

And some of this:


And then a bit of this:


Followed by this:


Sometimes this:

And even some of this:

Don't adjust your screen.  That's me...on a horse.  And on a tube in the lake.  And on a standing paddle board.

We just got back from our vacation in Montana and friends, it was beautiful.  And fun.  And relaxing.  And tiring.  All of those things at the same time, which is pretty much how a vacation should be.

More posts and pictures to follow....


Sara said...

More photos! More information! More posts! I love, love, love Montana (as I think I have shared). I hope you had an awesome time. You all look happy, healthy and like you are having fun!

Emmy said...

Sara-first post up today, hopefully I'll get the rest of the trip in next week! :)

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