Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2nd Grade - here he comes!!!





1st grade


2nd Grade

That's how it feels....right, fellow parents? You blink and you've skipped ahead a few years, a few smiles, and a few grades in school.  It's unbelievable. 

I'm happy to report that the 2nd grade year has started out on a positive note, with Jake being excited to head back (after some initial first day jitters) and reporting back on day one that 2nd grade is awesome and his teacher is fun.  Glowing review from a 7 year old!!

One thing that happened earlier this summer that was kind of a weird punch in the gut to me was the day that Jake declared he needed a "big kid" backpack, and did not want to get anything with characters on it.  He wanted either a Nike backpack, or one from Pappy's store (Columbia)  After showing him the pictures of what was available at Columbia, he picked out what he declared to be the coolest backpack around :)  I don't know why, but this really got to me!!  He was happy with his decision though, and proudly rocked that backpack yesterday.  The good news is, it should hold up better than the cheap character backpacks, which usually fall apart by March.

The only person who was unhappy about the first day of school was Liam....he won't start kindergarten until next year, and the boy left behind this year shed some tears in the morning about not going on the bus with his big bro.  Exhibit A of this disappointment can be found on his face in all of the following pictures:


He perked up a little bit right before we headed out to the bus stop....


A few silly pics, and we were off to the bus stop!! 


Any nerves that were still lingering seemed to leave once we got to the stop; Jake reunited with all of his usual stop buddies and everyone was comparing teachers and wondering what they would do that day when they got there :)  He was so excited when the bus started to come down the hill that we had to call him back over to us to get a hug goodbye! 


He skipped off the bus after school and was happy to tell me all about his day and show me everything that was sent home with him. What else is there to do other than celebrate with ice cream after that kind of day??

Happy back to school, everyone!!!

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