Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July Weekend

Wow, I'm posting about one weekend before the next one happens....that hasn't happened around here in awhile!!  :) 

It seems like lately the universe has been apologizing profusely for the positively terrible winter it dished out just a few months ago.  The weather has generally been pretty pleasant and last weekend... a HOLIDAY weekend no less, was gorgeous.  Just perfection.  Friday was the actual holiday and we just hung around the house and got a few things done. 

Saturday, we headed down to WashPA to visit my parents and also to attend a wedding for my dear friend, Olivia and her (now) husband, Bob (thanks for babysitting, GG!).  Olivia is one of my oldest friends, and I was so excited to be there to share in her special day!  Her wedding was outside and she really could not have asked for more perfect weather.  Her venue was gorgeous; if you are looking for an outdoor/rustic feel for a wedding, you should definitely check out Shady Elms Farm.  Both the venue and the bride were stunning! 

Sunday we were able to see another friend of mine, Cortney!  Lilianna and Liam picked up right where they left off the last time they saw each other and enjoyed swimming for hours :)

Both of the kids were drained after all of the fun of the weekend.  Liam fell asleep at my mom's house and slept for much longer than we anticipated, we ended up crashing her house for dinner since he didn't wake up until almost 5.  Then Jake looked like this in the backseat at 6:30 within just minutes of leaving:

I hope your weekend was just as fun!!

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Sara said...

Add you to the "stunning" list. :)

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