Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recap of Liam's Birthday Weekend

The past month and a half has been an absolute whirlwind around here! (which explains the neglect of this blog)  Liam's birthday weekend was one of the whirlwind times: I went to DC for a family wedding while Brian went to his hometown for the wedding of two very good friends from his childhood.  We split the weddings, but he took both of the kids with him since Nana and PopPop could babysit during the wedding, so they had a mini celebration out there the morning of his birthday before Brian had to get ready for the wedding.  Liam's request was the park and McDonald's :)  Nana and PopPop got him a new bike for his gift, so they loaded that in the car and headed to the park!

Later that night, when given his choice of any type of birthday meal, Liam chose cheese, pancakes, and dessert.  It's his birthday and he can eat odd combinations of food if he wants to!!

The kids had a great time that weekend, and I was really happy to see them the next day and give Liam his presents from us. 

Jake has recently discovered how to photo bomb.  Good times.

And of course, Liam wanted to head outside to show off his new bike to me:

Overall, I'd say the little one had a pretty good birthday!

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Sara said...

Happy birthday Liam!!!

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