Friday, May 2, 2014

Baseball: Opening Day!

We've had lots of rain over the past week, which meant a cancelled practice followed by a cancelled game...but these boys finally got to have their first game last night!  We graduated to "real" baseball instead of the casual league we had been playing in the past 2 years.  Really, the only difference is that there is now a weeknight commitment in addition to a Saturday game or practice, so that's been a challenge to adjust to, but overall, Jake has been handling it well.  Probably better than I have, at least.  I am not even sure what we're eating on those weeknight practices, it's kind of a feeding frenzy of whatever I can scrounge together and throw on the table before we have to walk out the door.

Here's my handsome boy, all ready for the big game!! He felt like he won the lottery, their team is the Pirates :)

Shot of the kids on the bench...Jake is toward the right with the white helmet.  I have no idea what the kid next to him is doing.

And a video of his first hit of the season!!

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