Friday, November 15, 2013

Trick or Treat!!

Forgive me for the fact that we're now closer to Thanksgiving than we are to Halloween and I'm just now posting these. oops!  The Disney recaps were taking over around here!

Anyway, we returned home from Disney on 10/29, so we had a one-day break and then Halloween was here.  And of course, after returning home from a week of gorgeous weather, Halloween was a rain-filled mess.  On the positive side, it was at least warm.  Of course, the kids don't seem to care either way!

We lucked out this year, both of the costumes were borrowed from friends!  Cost of costumes for me this year: $0.  Score!

Brian was trying to get home from work early, but the combo of trick or treat plus a downpour caused him to get stuck in massive amounts of traffic :(  So the boys were stuck with me, which meant that Jake was stuck with Liam, and Liam has short little legs that can only carry him so fast, which meant that Jake grew frustrated very quickly.  Thankfully, a neighborhood mom offered to take him around with her kids, and Jake was super excited to go trick or treating with his friends instead of me and Liam.  (His exact words were, "I'm going to run around the neighborhood with my buddy, Connor...this is SO COOL!!")

Our trick or treat is 2 hours long; Liam made it for about 45 minutes then finally agreed to my bribes to go inside, get out of our drenched clothes, and eat candy :)  That's my boy!  Brian made it home right as we were heading in, so he set off to find Jake with the other family and help that mom wrangle the gaggle of kids she was supervising.  They ended up staying out the whole 2 hours! 

It's hard to believe that we are already halfway through November, with Christmas pretty much around the corner.  We enjoyed the fall season around here, and we're very much looking forward to some downtime with the family over Thanksgiving! 

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