Friday, November 8, 2013

Disney Recap: Jedi Training Academy

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As I mentioned in my post about Hollywood Studios, there is a mad dash for Jedi Training Academy.  Once they made it through the gates, Brian picked up Jake and walked as fast as he could without running to the sign ups! (though he admits that at one point when there were no cast members around, he did break into a small jog)  :-)  He booked it so quickly that when he got to the sign ups quite winded, the girl who was working there actually put her hand on his arm and said "Calm down, sir.  You made it!" 

The whole process of making it to sign ups and getting registered took about 10 minutes, just in case anyone else is trying to plan their morning there.  They asked Jake a few questions such as his age and if he was ok going up on a stage by himself...clearly, we needed to prep him a bit more because he initially responded no!!  Brian had to have a pep talk with him, they asked him again, and he (very hesitantly) said yes.

We were signed up for the 11am show (could have been in the 9:40am show, but we had a conflicting fast pass + reservation at that time, so we moved it back), and Jake had to report back at 10:30am to prepare for the training (the preparation basically consisted of getting his robe and being told the rules)  Brian left to go get a spot in front of the stage, and I stayed with Jake then walked with him to the training.  Here he is, lined up with his fellow Jedis, waiting to start :)

"So then we're going to get our light saber, and fight darth this!"
Then it was time for the show!

Once the training was over, the bad guys came out, time to put that training to use!

Short video of just Jake's portion of the training:

Longer video of a lot of the whole session:

 Training = success!!  Receiving his certificate:

So, in summary...we had to get to the park absurdly early, make a beeline to beat all of the other children behind us once the gates were open, then give up an hour in the park that day.  But you know what?  It was worth every minute.  Jake is still talking about how it was one of his favorite parts of the trip, and it was so much fun to see him up there!  If you have a kid who is at all into Star Wars, I would definitely recommend fitting this into your day!!

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