Friday, December 21, 2012

Jake's last Christmas Play *sniff, sniff*

Last Friday was Jake's very last Christmas play with our daycare center, which was very bittersweet.  He landed a speaking role this year!!!  He had been cast as the "18th child" and was taking his role very seriously, and had even been practicing at home.  Here he is before we headed out (no, he did not wear the silly elf at to the play, though he really wanted to):

Liam was the welcome wagon in the auditorium, telling everyone "HI!" when they sat down near us.  Once the play started, he quieted down and actually watched it, I was pleasantly surprised!

The moment was here, the kids took the stage!!

The play was very cute, here is a video (it's long, but Jake's line is around the 1:08 mark):

We were able to snap a few shots of Jake with his friends after the play; we're going to miss these kids next year!

Jake and Maddie

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