Friday, September 7, 2012

Visiting the Martinis!

Last weekend, we took advantage of the holiday on Monday and headed to VA to visit the Martini Family!  It was outrageously hot on Saturday (is it fall yet??) so we loaded up the kids in a wagon and headed to the pool.  The boys had a blast there, and the parents enjoy any activity that aids in wearing them out.

After going home and having them rest up for a bit, we headed back out for a neighborhood party that involved lots of running around and later on, a movie outside!  The boys didn't make it for much of the movie, it was late at that point and they had been out in the heat for most of the afternoon. 

The next day, we headed to the farm for some potato picking.

Potato picking is exhausting.

The little guys had a good time too....they are, of course, being groomed to be BFF's!

Highlight of the weekend for Liam?  Eating cupcakes from Aunt Missa, of course!

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