Monday, September 17, 2012

Until they protest.

I will continue to dress them in matching/coordinated outfits until they beg me to stop.  I just cannot help myself. 

Funny related story, when we were on vacation, I bathed both boys after we came home from the beach one day, wrapped Jake up in his towel and got Liam dressed first.  We then moved into Jake's room, and I pulled a shirt out of his dresser and he said:

Jake: A-HA! I KNEW it!
Me: Knew what?
Jake: I just knew I was going to be wearing that shirt today!
Me: Oh yeah?  How did you know that?
Jake: Because you always like to dress me and Liam in the same clothes. 

He caught onto my ways!  You can imagine my joy when one day last week, Jake pulled out a tshirt from his dresser then said "Liam has this same shirt, can we wear them together today?"  Oh buddy, you don't have to ask me twice!!

Who needs toys when you have cups?


Sara said...

I think it is adorable! I like to dress M and C in coordinating outfits as much as possible. I hope they let you do it for a long time! :)

JCHokie said...

I'm catching up on my reader and I take it back, this might be even cuter than the t-ball post! Jake is so smart and witty!

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