Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lamb Roast 2012

We always look forward to the Martini Family Lamb Roast...good food, drinks, and friends!  As usual, the boys entertained each other all day long, through various activities:

Liam also took a dip in the pool:

And went a little bonkers when he saw Aunt Missa enjoying a cupcake without him (how dare she!)  Being the great aunt she is, she shared with him.  Food is definitely the way to this kid's heart.
I will own you, cupcake.

Liam also spent some time with his assigned BFF, Parker! 

I'm not sure what's with the pout face that Liam is sporting....
GG hangs out with Parker

The besties & the littlest besties
Getting a ride from Pappy

A great time, as always!!

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