Friday, July 6, 2012

Heat Wave

It was so hot on the 4th of July, there was little to do except for eat, swim, and enjoy the slip and slide.

Here is a video of Jake, showing off his sweet pool jumping moves:

Liam was cracking us up, he was fearless!  He'd get to the bottom, sit up and immediately start signing "more" then grab his raft and wait for someone to haul him back up so that he could take another turn.  Here is a video of both kids going down:

GG and Pappy joined us for some holiday fun (and Gracie spent most of the day panting, long for the comfort of the couch and air conditioning)

Eventually, between the heat and the peer pressure from Jake and Brian (Jake actually said, "Mommy...if you get in the pool, our whoooooooole family will be here!"), I caved and put on my swim suit.  Eventually, they pressured me into going down the slip and slide....let me tell you, I was not prepared for the fun!  Seriously, I was like a kid up there, waiting my turn!

fortunately, there is no video of me making a fool out of myself in our own backyard :)

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Sara said...

Looks like a great time! :)

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