Monday, April 23, 2012

Knock, knock--anyone home?

We're still alive!  Drowning in Lysol, laundry, and self-pity...but still alive.  The illnesses at our house have been out of control's been hard to keep track, but I'm pretty sure at this point, the total looks something like this (I'm only going to post about the past 2 weeks, if you want to read our full history of winter illness, I've already whined about that in another post here)

Jake: 1 random fever...a few days later, the stomach flu...a few days after that, another fever (104 this time, causing him to miss his first t-ball game last weekend)
Brian: 1 day of fever, a few days of feeling blah, followed by an ear ache last week
Emmy: (knock on wood, I've had it the best so far) just one day of fever, many headaches
Liam:  Oh, my poor little Liam.  1 ear infection, followed by a fever/virus and impetigo (2 weeks ago-see picture at the bottom of post); last week, double ear infection (#5 since January), more fever, and a respiratory infection.  He's on antibiotics and a nebulizer right now, and we have an appointment schedule with an ENT this Friday to see if tubes are the best option for us at this point. 
Gracie: On top of her chronic allergy issues, she also has a UTI and is on antibiotics for that. 

Yes, even the dog has gone down for the count.  I had crying kids, headaches nearly every day for a week (due to my own illness, lack of sleep, a combo of both of those, who knows?), a dog who couldn't hold her bladder for more than 3 hours at a time, my house was in shambles, our pets heads were falling off (bonus points to anyone who knows what movie that is referencing); thank God, the reinforcements arrived last Thursday.  GG to the rescue, to assist with breathing treatments, vet visits, house cleaning, and Liam watching (today was his first day back to school since last Tuesday)  Thanks for the help, mom! 

The good news is, this week is starting off better than the past 2 weeks, so hopefully everyone is on the mend.  And when they're not completely miserable with their respective fevers, these two have been cracking each other up lately.

You can see the impetigo spots on his face, he also had them on his arms, back, torso, hands, legs and feet :(

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Sheila said...

Oh no, sorry your house has been hit so hard with sickness. But I can tell you that you wouldn't know it from all the smiles on that cute baby's face! Hope May brings good health to your house!

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