Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Fun and Kid Celebrities

Unfortunately, Jake was home sick with a fever one day last week; he was feeling a bit better after his nap, so we decided to dye our Easter eggs.  It seems like a nice, relaxing activity, right? 

Everything went well, Jake had fun and the eggs looked nice.  I thought everything was perfect....until the next day, when out of nowhere, I realized that I had forgotten a very crucial step in egg dying: hardboiling the eggs FIRST.  Oops.  I have no idea what I was thinking....I got the dye ready, pulled the eggs directly out of the fridge and let him have at it.  I'll blame the sleep deprivation.  Oh well.  The eggs stayed in tact and we were able to put stickers on the next day.

The kids made some cute Easter crafts and got to dye eggs at school, too (I'm assuming they remembered to hardboil them). 

So do you remember Liam's little run-in with the Easter Bunny the other day?  That incident might force him into therapy later in life, but for now, it got him (and Jake!) onto Ellen's website!!  Click here
 to view their Hollywood debut:

Happy Easter!! 

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