Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brotherly Love

We really had no idea what to expect as far as Jake's reaction to Liam; he had been excited while I was pregnant and was always talking about what he was going to do with the baby when he was born, and asking when he could come out. But---we didn't know if it would be a different story once he realized that this little thing was here to stay & needed a lot of attention. But, overall, he's been really great about everything. Yeah, we've had some rough moments and tantrums that I'm sure are at least due in part to all of the changes, but really, he's been adjusting well. We just have to watch him carefully around the baby because he really wants to show him affection with hugs & kisses...sometimes a little TOO much!!

Jake came to the hospital on Tuesday evening for his first meeting, here's a shot of his reaction when he first saw Liam.....look at that grin!

He wanted to hold him right away, but after about 30 seconds, he said "I don't want baby Liam in my space anymore". Classic Jake!

Jake's favorite part of Liam's birth might have been the hospital visits....he loved the hospital bed, the TV and of course, the food :) Both nights when he came to visit, I ordered him some special food...he thought it was so cool to get to see his baby brother AND eat ice cream and drink chocolate milk. After we were home from the hospital, he said he wanted a snack, so I told him we could go to the kitchen & find something...he said "No, let's go to the hospital, watch TV & eat some snacks there!"

Jake also got a present from Liam, a hot wheels race track that goes in the bathtub---that definitely scored some points with Jake, he's obsessed.

For the first 2 days or so we were at home, we had Liam swaddled most of the time because it was a little chilly in the house & he had an extreme startle reflex (maybe due to being early? not sure...but it was much more than what Jake had, if his arms were out at all they were flailing) After seeing him be nothing more than a floating head wrapped up like a burrito, Jake asked with genuine concern, "Does baby Liam have any arms??"

I leave you with a shot of my 3 handsome men:


JCHokie said...

Jake is too funny! He's such a good big brother already. Hopefully we'll get to see you guys some time this summer! Can't wait to meet the new little guy.

Life with Pog & FLeC said...

Jake makes me laugh!

jpournaras said...

That was hilarious that he asked if liam had arms haha. So glad he is adjusting well and i hope you are too:)

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