Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Bums!

I'm still shaking sand off of things and trying to return to the real world, but we are back from our annual vacation with the Martini Family! It was another wonderful vacation and a VERY much needed break this year with all of the craziness of our upcoming move, it was so nice to take a week away from it all and just spend time as a family.

Our daily routine typically went like this: wake up at the crack of dawn (thanks for that one, toddlers), get ready for the beach, go to beach alllllll morning/early afternoon, come home for lunch/naps, sometimes head back down to beach depending on the time. Rinse & repeat for 6 days and end up with a very happy little man who did not want to leave his buddy Ben, or his beloved beach.

Jake begged to "jump the waves" all week, which basically meant one of us picking him up, letting him "swim" toward a wave, then pulling him up right before it hit him (most of the super strong wave came & went right over top of him & Brian one time, oops). Jake had a great time, mama used muscles she hasn't used, ever. Who knew what a workout vacation could be?

The boys would sporadically start cheering "Boozeshakes, Boozeshakes, Boozeshakes!" (which is a drink that Brian concocted for our luau), so we gave in after a few days and whipped up a nonalcoholic version of it. They proceeded to cheers, chug, then run around the house on a sugar high.

Another highlight as far as food for the boys was going out for ice cream, as evidenced here:

We decided to get creative halfway through the week by getting dressed up, heading down to the beach & having a little photo session. We got some really great shots, which I'm really excited about, because I have a lot of new space to decorate in the new house & I think a lot of these will look really nice once they're framed:

Just look at these two, I was in cuteness overload by the end of the week. It's a good thing they get along so well on their own, they have no choice but to be BFF's!! :)

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