Sunday, December 13, 2009

San-na! San-na!

We've heard Santa's name being chanted in our house over the past few weeks by a little elf named Jake. It started with an innocent viewing of "Merry Madagascar" when it was on TV (cute show, by the way); Jake loved it & started asking to watch "San-na! Animals!" I then picked up a few books from the library that were about Christmas; his favorite was a lift the flap book and he loved the Santa page and saying "ho ho ho!".

While he really enjoyed the idea of Santa and looking at his picture in books & talking about him, I didn't have high hopes for the actual meeting of the big man. During a trip to the mall this weekend, we made a stop at the North Pole. He was fine in line & was talking about Santa; however, as soon as we were within 5 feet of him, the kid was shimmying up my neck making terrified sounds and saying "no no no Santa!" FAIL.

After leaving the North Pole area, Jake was all, "Whatever, who needs Santa when they have fish at the mall?"

Santa's got NOTHING on the play zone!

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