Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our little penguin made his rounds on Saturday....first, we went to a neighborhood pre-trick or treat party. Here is Jake, looking at a bit nervous about a kid wearing a Spiderman mask that was sitting next to him during the story that was being read:

Next, it was off to do the real thing! We weren't really sure how he'd do and we really only wanted to take him to a few houses of people that we know and show off his costume :) For someone who has never had candy, Jake very quickly caught onto the fact that when he held out his little bag & said "Treat!" he would get something. He'd get so excited and take each piece of candy out to inspect it (fortunately for mommy, he seemed to be drawn to the bright orange packaging of Reeses favorite)

After hitting a few houses, we headed back to our house to warm up and pass out candy....he was, quite possibly, even more into this activity. He handed out the candy to each & every trick or treater that came to the door (even the tiny infants and the moms and dads who were trick or treating....don't even get me started on this, grrrrrrr.....)

Here's a look back at Jake, over the last 3 Halloweens:

2007 (about 6.5 months pregnant....Brian refused to dress as Kevin Federline, I'm not sure why....)

2008 (9 months old)

2009 (21 months old)

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Jeanna said...

love the look back pictures! gosh emmy i cannot believe he's almost 2! i still remember when we were both pregnant:(

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