Thursday, November 19, 2009

BFF's Reunite!

This past weekend, BFF's all around were & Melissa, Jake & Ben! We loaded up the car & headed to VA to visit our bestest friends. The boys did a lot of playing and Jake has been asking for "Bean" (aka-Ben) since we came home.

On Saturday, the men spent some quality time together while Melissa & I got in some quality shopping time at the outlets. You're probably thinking that you're impressed with my early-Christmas shopping...don't be. This was a totally selfish trip. We had one mission in mind: JEANS. We were on the hunt for jeans that were stylish, flattering and didn't show off the top half of our backsides when we bent over (NOT a cute look anymore...well, let's face it, it was never a cute look....but now it's just not socially acceptable)

We both had luck at Gap (CLEARANCE! FRIENDS & FAMILY SALE! I HAD TO CONTROL MYSELF!) and I found another pair at Banana Republic. I'm still on the hunt for a pair of Sevens (after trying on a pair of Melissa's, I was in heaven....who knew jeans could be so soft??) but I'm glad to have found the others.

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Life with Pog said...

I hate shopping for jeans. It may just be worse than bathing suit shopping. :( ICK. Jake and Ben look so cute playing.

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