Friday, September 11, 2009

Unemployment Update

Obviously, you can probably guess that since I haven't made a post that was titled "OMG, I got the perfect job and I start tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!" I am still unemployed. I've applied to a few positions, had one interview (which I'm still waiting to hear details about that) and sent my resume to a few people with contacts at various companies. The waiting around part is frustrating at times, but Jake & I are still enjoying our time off together.

I had been randomly selected to go to an Unemployment Seminar today (with the threat of having my unemployment checks cut off if I didn't attend). Brian liked to refer to it as my "unemployment rehab" which caused me to sit there the whole time, singing Amy Winehouse to myself, making my morning even brighter. Really, the class was not as bad as I was expecting (and much shorter than I had anticipated, which was a plus) But I would like to say that while I was in that class, I received this voicemail from my BFF:

"Hey there, it's me. I know you're in your unemployment class right now and I have to say that I detected a note of sarcasm in the message you left me earlier stating that's where you would be this morning. It did not sound like you were taking it very seriously. I expect you to be in there taking lots of notes & I want them summarized and sent to me to review. While you're doing that, I'll be enjoying a mani-pedi, so uh...yea, hope you're having fun in that class!"

Thanks. I'm sure that your mani-pedi was not nearly as exciting as what was going on in my world at that moment. :-P She's lucky that I love her so much I can overlook these little comments!


Team Clancy said...

That sounds like torture!!! Why can't they just send you your check and keep quiet about the whole thing?!?!?!?! Good luck in the job hunt!

MelissaMartini said...

Hahahahaha! I love that I made this post. You know I love you and you know that my "comments" are all out of love and admiration for you!

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