Monday, September 7, 2009

Things I Love About Pittsburgh

For no particular reason and in no particular order, here are some things that I love about the city we call home.

-Oakland (including, but not limited to, Dave & Andy's ice cream, Fuel & Fuddle, Hemingways, the Cathedral, Towers and the whole Pitt campus)
-The Steelers (who knew I'd grow to enjoy watching football?)
-The Clarks
-Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium
-The fact that for being a decent sized city, Pittsburgh really is a small world. I'm pretty sure the whole 6 degrees of separation would be more like 3 degrees here; everyone knows everyone some way or another.
-PittGirl, who sums up the way I feel about many things in Pittsburgh in a much more funny and witty way than I ever could.
-Fort Pitt Tunnels; of course I have a love-hate relationship with these tunnels and the people who drive through them. Hey drivers, do you see that ginormous sign that says "maintain speed through tunnel"? Yea, that means to GO THE SAME SPEED YOU WERE GOING BEFORE YOU ENTERED THE TUNNEL. That being said, for as annoyed as I get with the traffic sometimes, there is nothing like coming out of that tunnel & seeing the fabulous view of Pittsburgh in front of you (especially at night!)

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