Monday, April 20, 2009

Ode to Oakland

Ode to Oakland
by Jacob Charles

Oakland, how I love thee
While walking on your sidewalks, I said "weeeee!!"
My parents went to school here & hope I'll do the same,
Mom said if I go to Pitt, she'll pay my whole way.

When I saw Fuel & Fuddle, I got a sparkle in my eyes
The sparkle grew brighter as I ate sweet potato fries.
Then I had some pizza & I said "nom-nom-nom"
Give me some more of that, this place is da bomb!

Next we went to Dave & Andys so that I could try ice cream
It smelled so good when we walked in, it was like a dream!
I really liked the ice cream, it was super yummy
But I could only eat 3 bites, I already had too much food in my tummy!

The end.

At Fuel & Fuddle:

First taste of ice cream!

Thanks for meeting us for lunch, Whitney & Neal!
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