Tuesday, September 1, 2015

If I could hug September, I would.

Photo credit: www.dearlillie.blogspot.com

It shouldn't be news to anyone that I adore fall.  It is, by far, my favorite season.  And as long as the weather cooperates, I especially love September.  There's an energy in the air with all of the back to school buzz (especially since I work at the college that's my alma mater--lots of nostalgia this time of year!), football season starts back up, and autumn starts to take shape in September.  Our wedding anniversary is in September, too!

I stopped by Pat Catan's in mid-August and nearly fell over when I came across this aisle, it was like Christmas! (and actually, they had a Christmas aisle, but one thing at a time!)

I showed a reasonable amount of restraint.

Sadly, the forecast for the next few days is HOT.  So I won't be busting out my sweaters and tall boots and running to Starbucks for a PSL anytime soon, but I will continue to look forward to the season.  My mums are ready, too....weather, get with the program!

Happy September!!!

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