Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jake's last day of 1st grade

I realize it's now July but better to post late than never, right?  It's hard to believe that by the end of next month he will be starting SECOND grade!!  GAH!  Let's start with a look at some first day/last day pictures for comparison:

First day of 1st grade:

Last day of 1st grade:


It's amazing what a difference a school year can make!  In both physical appearances, as well as the stuff you can't see.  What you can see in these pictures is a boy who started to lose many of his "baby" features that he still had, lost a tooth, and really started to own his sense of fashion this year :)  What you don't see is how far he came with his academic skills (especially reading, he made huge strides in this area!), his maturity that increased this year, and his discipline when it came to homework.  Yes, he was still complaining about doing it by the end of the year, but not nearly to the level of fighting about it that was occurring earlier in the year.

Last year, I purchased a copy of Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go! and had his kindergarten teacher write a message in it; I did the same thing this year....I love that he will have these to look back on later!

His teacher rocked this year, she was a great combination of down-to-business and making the classroom a fun and inviting place for the kids to be.  She made each of the kids a personalized book with special pictures of the things they did this year; here are a few pages of that book:

Look!  I made a guest appearance, that's me in the bottom left picture! :)

We are really happy with how 1st grade went for Jake, and we're looking forward to what 2nd grade has in store!! 

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Sara said...

What awesome photo pages! It's hard to believe how quickly our "babies" are growing up!

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