Monday, June 29, 2015

Kid Staycation

I posted all about our few days in San Diego, but what about the kiddos?  Well, they were having their very own type of vacation with Nana and Poppop! 

I'm sure they might have missed us a tiny bit, but they were too busy having so much fun to dwell on it.  In the few days we were gone, they went mini golfing, bowling, had lunch at McDonald's, went swimming in our backyard, and went fishing (twice!)   On their first try fishing, Liam caught the biggest fish and Jake caught the most fish, so happy kids all around:

 Even after our long and slightly disasterous flight home, we were so happy to see these two goofballs in the morning.  I was so happy to see them, I even bent my rules and let them jump on the bed (dressed as pirates and cowboys.  obviously.)


On Friday night, we went out to dinner at the Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe (in North Park, for all of my fellow Pittsburghers)....I highly recommend this place if you haven't been yet!  Fun atmosphere (right on the lake...they have outdoor seating, but we quickly had to relocate inside when a storm blew through!), yummy food, and kid friendly (their food is served on frisbees!) 

Playing bingo with Nana to pass the time

You can't take us anywhere.

That last shot is blurry, but I love it because it's 

Thank you again to Nana and Poppop for making our kid-free trip possible...the kids had a blast and were exhausted, the sign of a good time!

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