Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's SNOW time!

While I can't say that *I* have particularly enjoyed the massive amounts of snow we've had recently, there are some people in my house who have.  Those people definitely include Jake and Brian, and sometimes Liam. He went out this past weekend and had a blast, but it was close to 50 degrees.  The weekend before that, I opened the door to ask him if he wanted to go out, he shivered and said "No way!  It's too cold.  Let's color."  Jake then tried to persuade him to go out with him, saying that he "needed a sled riding sidekick", but Liam was having none of it.  He looked up from his latest masterpiece that he was coloring and yelled "Jakey!  I said NO!"

But, as I said, he did make it out this past weekend and had a blast.  He even tested out some skis while he was out there :)  Some teaser pics:

Here is a video him giving it a go (unfortunately, it's sideways and I can't seem to fix it.  Sorry!):

Brian built a little jump, which Jake loved of course:

And then it was time for some good ol' fashion sled riding:


So how about your family...loving the snow or ready for spring?? 

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