Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Um...hello? Is this thing on??

Wow, it's been almost a month since I posted!  I blame summer.  And the fact that my new lunch-break hobby (binge watching the past 2 seasons of Scandal) has drastically cut into my time that I usually blog.  I would normally take a lunch break or so a week to write and schedule a few blog posts to go out over the next few days, but my new addiction to this amazing TV show has completely cut into my ability to focus on anything else. *sigh*  It's a hard knock life.

Anyway, we've been busy!  I do have a lot to catch up on, so I might work a bit backwards.  Quick recap post of the past month or so....we took a trip to VA to visit the besties, had the besties and some other friends over for 4th of July, took the kids to Idlewild, lots of time spent outside, getting Jake ready for kindergarten, visit to the in-laws.  Phew.

I'll tackle the first part of July in some pictures, more posts to come later...

Visit to VA to see Melissa and Co...we had a blast as always!

The kids formed a band:

Video of their practice session (if you own ear plugs, now would be the time to bust them out):

We also went to a bouncy place so the kids could get some energy out....



Then came the kids favorite part of the weekend...the pool, of course!!  Both of the older boys are getting so much better with swimming, it's amazing to see how quickly they pick stuff up!  And the younger two try desperately to keep up with the older kids, so they're just all over the pool, too.

We had a great time that weekend, then just a few short days later, they came up to visit us, along with Jack & Sidney's family, to celebrate the 4th of July!  It was hot, hot, hot that day, so we drug out the kiddie pool and the kids were occupied for hours.

Video of the kids enjoying the pool: 

Phew! So that's all I have for you now. We'll get to the other stuff later, I hope everyone is enjoying summer!

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