Monday, November 5, 2012


Most local neighborhoods pushed back their trick-or-treat last week, thanks to the storms, so we headed out on Saturday for some treats!  First, we had to distribute the buckets and bags.  Please note Gracie in the first picture, hoping that there was a bucket to be used for collecting dog treats.  Sorry, Gracie!

Fill 'er up!

Next, the obligatory pictures with the pumpkins.  Normally, this would have been pictures with the pumpkins and mums, but my mums have already died a horrible death this year.  RIP, mums.  You were nice to look at for a few short weeks.  Now, you're just depressing.

"seriously mom, are you done yet?  I'm so exhausted, I need to put my feet up."

Our neighborhood always has a parade prior to trick-or-treat (complete with a fire truck!) so I wanted to at least take Liam to that, then let him hit a few houses after that. 

I didn't figure he would be too interested much more than that....I should have known that the little boy who wants to always keep up with the big kids would have other ideas!  He LOVED it, and walked his adorable little puppy dog self around for almost 30 minutes before wanting to get back in the stroller.  The sun just went in and the temperature dropped dramatically after that, so I wanted to get him home anyway. 

 Jake was excited to walk around with his friend, Amelia, and of course, loved showing off his awesome Iron Man costume!  He made it for about an hour, then said he was cold and wanted to come home.

  All in all, a great night! (especially since we ended it with me eating some of their Reeses Cups...shhhh, it's our little secret!)

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