Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We figured that we'd take advantage of the warmer (non rainy!) weather and the Steelers bye week and go on our annual pumpkin patch trip. Yeah, good idea in theory...but I guess everyone else had the same idea, it was packed!!

Obviously, since we're in a different area now, we had to find a new pumpkin patch to go to, so we hit up Soergels. The only thing I was a bit irritated about was that they told me you couldn't just walk to the pumpkin patch, you had to buy tickets to take a hay ride up there. (I actually found out later that isn't true, you can walk...grrrrr) But no biggie, I buy the tickets, we wait in line for 15 minutes and as soon as we go to get on the ride, Jake says he doesn't want to ride it because the tractor is too loud & hurts his ears. *sigh* No pumpkins for us!

But, he ended up having a good time...we let him use the tickets up on the bouncy house and balloon chase instead.

I had to settle for getting his picture with some giant plywood pumpkins since we didn't get close to the real pumpkins :)

They also had a little "tiny town" area with tractors, trains and buildings for the kids to play in.

While not the biggest pumpkin patch success, not a total loss either :)

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Life with Pog & FLeC said...

We haven't done pumpkins yet -- I hope to this weekend. Jake always looks so cute!

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