Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's New at Age 2

I'm sitting here on my couch (still off from work due to the snowstorm) and kind of unsure what to do with myself right now. Jake is napping, the house is clean and tidy, laundry is caught up and I even cooked some meals for later in the week already. I'm looking out the window as more snow is falling and Gracie is keeping my feet warm, enjoying the quiet. (Ok, so The Real Housewives of Orange County is on, but I swear it's just for background noise...maybe.....whatever, keep your judgment to yourself, please.) I figured it might be a good time to do a catch up post on what Jake's been up to lately.

He can repeat anything you ask him to and is starting to string together 2 or 3 words at a time. He's still into Sesame Street, but will now let us mix up his morning TV watching with "Dinosaur Train" or "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (for moms who know what I'm talking about, he also walks around the house saying "Oh toodle!", asks us to sing the "hot dog song" and pretends that there are time tunnels in our house.) Here he is playing in the "time tunnel" Daddy built the other day:

He's transitioning to the next room at daycare, which I know he's ready for, but it also makes me sad...it means we're leaving behind some great teachers AND my little boy is growing up & moving on. But, some of his old friends (DOM THE BOMB! BIG REUNION!) are already in the new room, so I'm sure he'll feel right at home.

My parents got him a new step-stool for his birthday, so he's loving this new "big boy" way of brushing his teeth, complete with spitting.

My friend Cortney got him this bike for his birthday last year & he wasn't able to use it too much by himself this past summer, but on the few rare warm days we've had in the past few months, we've taken him down to the park & he's LOVING the bike (and the helmet-thanks Nana & PopPop!) He pedals all over the place and says "round and round and round and round....."

He knows a lot of random things, like what comes next in some of his favorite books & will shout out the lines before I even turn the page. He also (don't tell Brian I'm sharing this fact) loves the Lady Gaga song "Bad Romance" and will find my iPod and say "Gaga? Gaga? Song, Gaga song!" He likes to count and even though he skips some numbers sometimes, he generally does a good job of getting to 8. After struggling with the letter "W" for months, he can finally say it and can I just tell you that his little voice saying "doub-o-doo" is one of the sweetest sounds??

He's finally facing forward in his carseat & very much enjoying the new view! I think he now feels like he's more a part of car trips, he talks to us all the time and I've caught him dancing back there on more than one occasion (especially when Lady Gaga comes on the radio!) :)

That's all I can remember for now, though I'm sure there are lots more. I can sum it up by saying that this is such a fun age, it seems like there's always something new. I'm going to peel myself off the couch now and try to find something productive to do, while hoping we don't really get another 8 inches, like they're calling for!

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