Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Book Review: Stories from Candyland

Stories from Candyland (Candy Spelling)
I know, I know...why was I even bothering to read this crap? But the truth is, after reading both of Tori Spelling's books and hearing about the terrible relationship she has with her mother, I was curious to hear the other side of the story.

Turns out, there wasn't too much to that other side. This book was 200 pages of blah. The only reason that I even bothered to finish was because the font was approximately 250 point and there were 10 pages of pictures in the middle...I finished the book off in 3 days of bus reading. I was hoping for some good Hollywood gossip about the Spellings life or at the very least, her providing some type of defense against the way that she has supposedly acted with Tori. Nope...nothing. She talked about her strained relationship with Tori & did make a few mentions of things, but certainly nothing to convince me that she was an innocent bystander in everything.

My suggestion is to skip going to Candyland & head to Mommywood instead, it was much better there :)

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