Saturday, May 9, 2009

362 Oakland Avenue

That was the address of my apartment in college....sure, the windows were practically useless (one time it snowed IN my room), the door to our section of the house was a piece of plywood and nothing had been replaced since roughly the 1940s, but we LOVED it.

Earlier this week, I played hooky from work to hang out with my BFF Melissa & her son Ben, who were visiting from VA. She begged to make it a day of fun in Oakland and she certainly didn't have to twist my arm. We figured the earlier we could get the boys exposed to Pitt, the better chance we have of them falling in love with it.

Here are the boys posing at 362 Oakland Avenue....if you look carefully, you can see a door sign that says "You Are My Sunshine"; we left that there when we moved out (5 years ago) and it's been up since. So either everyone really loves it, or they just don't care enough to take it down. Either way, it warms my heart to see it there every time.

Of course, the obligatory posing in front of the Panther statue:

Jake: Come on, fist bump kid...this place is awesome!

Ben: Dude, we gotta go over there...see where I'm pointing? Check out those hot chicks...I wonder if they're into younger men??

And just for fun, here we are in the same spot on our wedding day:


Team Clancy said...

Oh I love fun! If only those boys knew what you girls did in those days though :-)

Life with Pog said...

Great photos. You should work for Pitt! :)

Jeanna said...

hahahah your comments were hysterical! i hope jake is starting to get better, poor guy!

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