Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy (belated) Birthday, Gracie Lou!!

Can you believe my furbaby is 4 years old?? She's been a member of our family since January 2005 (much to Brian's dismay!) Brian grew up with big dogs (think golden retrievers and labs) while I grew up with a small dog (rest in peace, Otis) :( so when we moved in together & started to talk about dogs, obviously we had conflicting interests. Fortunately for me, we were in an apartment at the time with not much room for a big dog, so for my 24th birthday, Brian said we could get a small dog!

We started to research small dogs and Brian immediately ruled out anything so tiny that it resembled a hamster, so that eliminated some of my early picks, such as Yorkies or Malteses. I'm not even sure how I came across Lhasa Apsos, but the pictures that I saw of them online were adorable & they got a little "bigger" (average is 12-18 lbs) so it seemed like a good compromise. I met Gracie by myself one day....she was the only female left in the litter, so she was kind of our choice by default. I had told Brian I was just going to go look at her, but of course it was love at first sight! (even though she resembled a fluffy guinea pig)
We brought her home in early January and she's made herself right at home with us ever since!!

Here are some of Gracie's baby pictures....enjoy!

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Team Clancy said...

I was so excited to see Gracie's puppy pics and the pictures won't come up! Boo hoo!

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