Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Love

After counting down the days all week, we were finally able to depart on Saturday for Virgina to meet Baby Ben!!! Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? Yes, I believe it is, especially when it comes to babies. It happened with Jake & the same thing happened with Ben. He is perfect and I could have just held him all day long (unfortunately, I had to fight Brian for him a few times and eventually give in & take turns)

We decided that we HAD to get pictures of the new BFF's, so we put both Jake & Ben down on a blanket on the floor. First, we left them a few feet apart:

After a few shots, we wanted to get brave & move them in close together for a cuddle session...this seemed like a good idea, until we realized that Jake is known for trying to eat everything in sight (including baby heads, apparantly)

Best wishes to the new mom & dad....Ben will be making his first trip to the 'burgh in late October, so the countdown is on until then!!!

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